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Architect Plans for the Grayson County Jail Revealed

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GRAYSON COUNTY--After years of a crowding problem at Grayson County jail, and the back and forth of whether or not to build a new one, plans for the more than $5 million expansion have finally been revealed. 

Wiginton Hook Jeffry architects biggest selling point to the county commissioners? Safety.

"The biggest thing is going to be that visibility into the housing area," Don Olson said, Wiginton Hook Jeffry Architect's Vice President. "They're using the elevated control room--lets the staff manage and supervise the maximum number of inmates that they can."

Located in downtown Sherman, the Grayson County jail has obvious limitations for its expansion. Olson says that the investment will give the structure the potential of adding extra stories. 

Inside, there will be an elevated glass surveillance area. Guards will be able to look around and almost underneath themselves to monitor inmates.

"More visibility, less areas for inmates to hide. Safer environment for staff and inmates," Olson said.

There will also be a perforated staircase to prevent prisoners from hiding underneath.

"It's very clear the way they built this, there's not any hidden spaces," Johnny Waldrip said, Grayson County Commissioner for Precinct One. "There's not any places they can get in corners or under stairways. It's just a much better design than anything we've had."

The commissioners unanimously approved the plans Monday. Construction is planned to be completed before spring 2011.

Capital funds have been set aside for the project.

The Grayson County Commissioners say they're still waiting on a bid for the construction before finalizing how the project will be paid for.

Jen French, KTEN News