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News Anchors Dance With the Stars to Support Durant Main Street

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DURANT, OK--Dancing With The Stars was held at Choctaw Casino's Center Stage Saturday, and many got to meet celebrities in person--almost. Among the several dance contestants were KTEN's Lisanne Anderson and ABC Texoma's Sterling Riggs. 

The show was sold out, and all proceeds benefited the Durant Main Street Program.

Their dance instructors say their weeks of practicing were long.

"She always shows up late, she's always in a hurry--she never can get the dance down right," Ron Alexander said, Lisanne's dance instructor. 

Lisanne managed, despite her busy work schedule.

"Overworked me? . . . I skipped," Anderson said.

It's debated whether it was Ron or Lisanne was doing the teaching.

"She comes in and says we're going to do this--we're going to do that, and so, I know what we're going to do that way," Alexander said.

"Maybe if I would have done this or something (bites rose with mouth) I don't know," Anderson said. 

Sterling? don't let his good figure fool you. His salsa instructor says he had trouble keeping up.

"He's really out of shape," Amy West said, Sterling's dance instructor. "He can only dance like one or two . . . One or two times to do the dance and he's out of breath and he needs to rest." 

Sterling's grateful though to have such a skilled teacher.

"I wouldn't say I could dance salsa," Riggs said. "I know a couple of steps. Without Amy West I'm in deep trouble. Bad trouble."

West said sterling wasn't exactly on time to practice either.

"At least 15 minutes," West said. "I never really expect him until 11:15. We're suppose to meet at 11:00."

"No way I could salsa on my own," Riggs said. "Well I don't know if I had a good partner--yea sure I could salsa.

During their performance, one of the judges asked sterling his tastes in women. To West, it is still a mystery.

"I don't know if he likes older women," West said. "I never noticed if Sterling likes older women." 

At least to the judges, his moves were suave.

"The one move I can take away from this experience is the swivel--swivel hips--swiveling my hips," Riggs said. "That's the basis. That's where it starts out at."

Though Lisanne and Sterling didn't win, the turnout was a success, and a Durant Main Street spokesperson said tickets were sold out.

"I think that this has set a standard that will be continued for years and I think that everyone has had a great time tonight," Anderson said. 

Maybe someday--just not today--these anchors will be professional dancers.

Those who raised the  most money and took home the trophy were David Keese and J. J. Castro. Tod Harrison and Jenny Wills won the most votes for outstanding dance. 300 tickets were sold.

Jen French, KTEN News