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Sherman Holds 28th Annual Arts Festival

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SHERMAN, TX--Paint and performers crowded downtown Sherman Saturday.  For almost three decades, the city has celebrated art by holding a downtown festival.

If only everyone could multitask like this performer.

"Kids really love it," Casey Qualls said, juggler. "I think the shiny stuff on the clubs attracts them. Everybody kind of likes a juggler I guess because we generally just care about having some fun. Even in the heat (laughs)."

Casey Qualls has 20 years of juggling experience. He tossed these pins for almost an hour Saturday morning, hardly breaking a sweat. His performance, as well as the dozens of displays downtown, are all part of the Sherman Arts Festival. 

Art isn't just paint. Blown glass can have just as many colors.

"You sort of become one with the glass," Scott Young said, glass artist. "If you're not careful you burn yourself or it falls on the floor."

Though there were plenty of interesting things to look at the Sherman Arts and Crafts Festival, there were also plenty of things to taste as well.

"I actually do not press the olives with my feet though people think so," Kathleen Hagan said, fitness trainer. "I actually infuse pure olive oil with dried garlic herbs and I use it so people can cook."

Those going on a diet typically avoid fats, but Kathleen Hagan makes it.  She's a fitness trainer that puts her Italian heritage in a bottle.      

At first glance, these look like photos, but they're actually paintings. The artists' inspiration? He said it's his home state.

"More than anything, Texas," Brian Drake said, artist. "I'm a Texas guy. I enjoy things that are Texas related and iconic to Texas."

Jen French, KTEN News