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Weeks Before Elections, Campaign Signs Go Missing

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DURANT, OK--November second is near, but some political signs have gone missing.

Signs disappearing just weeks before an election isn't an unusual occurrence, according to the Durant Police Department.

Residents in Bryan county have complained that they have had to replace their red white and blue signs.

Stealing campaign signs worth $50 to $500 could result in a misdemeanor theft. Taking more than that could result in a felony. 

Police say it's difficult to pinpoint these cases unless the suspect is caught in the act or the candidate--or home owner--reports the loss.

"A lot of times when it's something like that--if they didn't pay for it they're not going to call and report it as a theft," Carrie Wyrick said, Durant Police Lieutenant. "It will probably be up to the candidate who is out the money or the campaign committee if they notice a loss of a lot of signs to report it so we have a loss amount."

Multiple Oklahoma candidates say that their signs have gone missing. Including--but not limited to--incumbent State Senator Jay Paul Gumm and State Senate candidate Josh Brecheen. 

Durant police remind political supporters that putting signs on private property without permission is also illegal.

To find out how a sign can be replaced, campaign workers of various candidates say to contact their office.

Jen French, KTEN News