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100 marijuana plants discovered growing in northwest Grayson Co.

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GRAYSON CO., TX -- On Tuesday, September 14, 2010 the Grayson County Sheriff's Office along with the Texas Department of Public Safety located about 100 marijuana plants growing in secluded area in northwestern Grayson County. 

The plants were discovered when narcotics investigators flew over the suspected grow site.  Once over the area, the investigators noticed about 100 empty holes that had been dug.  Upon closer inspection of the area investigators located several locations that had the marijuana plants growing. 

Most of the 100 plants were approximately 6 feet tall and well cared for.  There was an elaborate irrigation system set up to maintain a constant water flow to the plants as needed. The plants were well concealed by using rugged terrain and the surrounding undergrowth and trees in the area. The investigators located and traced the water source back to a home where they found grow lights, fertilizer, more of the same watering system components, potting soil, more marijuana plants and material on how to grow marijuana. 

Investigators dug the marijuana plants up; destroyed the irrigation system; took evidence from the home; photographed the scene; packaged the marijuana plants so they could be taken to the DPS lab for analysis. "Each marijuana plant can typically produce between 1 and 2 pounds of marijuana.  This type of marijuana could be sold for about $400.00 per pound.  In this particular case had the suspect harvested 2 pounds of marijuana per plant he could have made approximately $80,000.00 from this marijuana grow. 

We are seeing an increasingly large number of sophisticated marijuana grows across north Texas this year.  This is largely in part to Cartel's moving into North Texas for the purpose of growing marijuana for profit.  In this particular case, Investigators believe that this marijuana grow is not related to the Cartels. Investigators do have a suspect(s) that are believe to be involved and will be questioned at a later date.

-Sgt. Rickey Wheeler