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Bearcat Stadium and the Rain

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SHERMAN, TX -- With all the rain we've had this week, and Friday night just around the corner, many people are wondering about Bearcat Stadium in Sherman. 
This Friday night for the first time since last October we are back at Bearcat Stadium, and wouldn't you know, it came a flood. So now the big question is how will the new field hold up?
I spoke with Scott Conrad, Director of Sherman ISD Maintenance back in August. He said then, the new sand and internal drainage system should be adequate for playing after heavy rain. After being out on the field today, and speaking with some of the grounds crew, that still seems to hold true. But there's another ironic twist. I have spent more time on this new field than the team. The Bearcats haven't even gotten to have a practice on the new field yet.
So we have to wait for the answer to the big question until the game Friday night. Here's hoping I can keep all my shoes this season.