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Kingston Elementary Suffers Flooding Damage

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KINGSTON,OK--Heavy rains roared through Oklahoma and Texas on Wednesday.

On Thursday, a Kingston, Oklahoma elementary school continued to clean up the mess.

School officials say nearly two inches of water came into the school around lunch time on Wednesday.

It damaged some classroom and hallways--and even soaking old textbooks in storage closets.

Principal of Lower Elementary in Kingston David Gill said the students handled the situation well and his teachers quick thinking prevented further damage.

"When you see that much water coming down that quick, you know, it was something that surprised us," Principal Gill said, "but we got on it really quick and we have steps we have to take, you know, on every situation. We did a good job of slowing the water down from coming in the building."

Principal Gill said it will take until the middle of next week to get the classrooms back in order.

He also says he's hopeful the carpets won't mold.

Luke Small, KTEN News