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Gordonville Man Arrested for Growing Marijuana

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GORDONVILLE, TX--A Gordonville man's patio was actually discovered to be a garden for drugs. 

Now the man is in custody and could be facing felony charges.

An off-duty Whitesboro officer noticed what he says was several large marijuana plants growing behind a mobile home. 

Grayson County narcotics investigators then searched the home of 56-year-old Tommy Caras. 

The plants were on the 100-block of Liloa Street--visibly growing behind a fence. They discovered about 20 marijuana plants which were each between six to nine feet tall.

"Right now what we'll do is we'll take the plants back to the sheriff's office and we'll dry them out, we'll soon get down to the DPS lab in Garland, they'll give us an official weight on the plants, then they'll ship it back to us and we'll hold them for evidence until the trial time comes around or until he makes a plea deal," Rickey Wheeler said, Grayson County Sergeant.

The Grayson County Sheriff's office estimates that the plants--when sold as drugs--can yield up to $16,000.

The marijuana will be sent to the DPS lab in Garland, Texas. 

The suspect could be facing felony charges in possession and cultivation of an illegal substance.

Authorities also discovered a stolen .22 caliber rifle. Separate charges may be filed for the stolen rifle. 

Jen French, KTEN News