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Grayson County Red Cross Remembers Hurricane Katrina

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GRAYSON COUNTY--Hurricane Katrina still brings back memories in Grayson County.

1300 displaced families stayed in Grayson County during Hurricane Katrina five years ago.

Only one third could be housed in shelters...the rest found refuge in hotels, relatives homes and by camping at Eisenhower Park.

"In north Texas five years ago, we would not have though that we would be opening hurricane shelters," Sharon Watson said, Red Cross Executive Director. "It was just unheard of. We do assessments of what types of disasters will come to our area, and hurricane was way down on the list. Before it was over, we had five shelters open up here."

The Grayson County Red Cross opened five shelters for the victims and had a service center that provided them with food, clothing and medicine.

Jen French, KTEN News