Grayson County College Gets Grant for Industrial Program - - No One Gets You Closer

Grayson County College Gets Grant for Industrial Program


GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Grayson County College gets roughly $170,000 of grant money for a new industrial training program. That means more training available to help Texoma residents gain employment or better their skills. Deeda Payton has the details.

This is a program created for industry by industry. The continuing education director for the college says they asked employers what they need and many responded by saying they want more cross-trained maintenance workers.

Earlier this year, Grayson County College was awarded a grant from the Texas State Comptroller's Office. The school was given roughly $170,000 to buy state-of-the-art equipment for a long-awaited industrial maintenance technician program.

Ron deCento, the director of the continuing education department, says the program will give individuals what they need to become employable as a maintenance worker. "It was told to us by industry that we need to start replacing some of the folks that have maintenance type of training and skills because they're getting older, they're retiring and they can't feed the pipeline on the front end because they don't have skilled people," said deCento.

Decento says more and more industries are looking to hire generalists which are people that aren't just trained mechanics or electricians, but workers that are cross-trained to do it all. deCento says that is what this two-part class will offer students.

The first class starts September 21st. The college invites anyone interested in the program to attend one of two free orientations. Orientations are scheduled for September 8th and September 11th from 1-5pm. For more information visit

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.



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