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Texoma Egg Producers React to Recall

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GRAYSON CO., TX -- Prices jumped and other types of eggs such as organic and cage free sold out within hours.  Still, industry analysts say retail prices haven't totally reflected the effects of the recall, yet.

Local egg producers can back up the higher prices and increased demand, especially when it comes to organic and free range.  Dominion Farms in Denison is an all-natural provider of beef, pork and chicken.  It's seen an increase in demand for its eggs since the recall.  Unlike massive egg factories, like the ones involved in the recall, their chickens roam Dominion Farms.  Workers then search for the eggs, gather them and prepare them for distribution.  "We clean our eggs simply with a scratch pad just to get the manure or any sawdust that might be on there.  Whereas a commercial operation tends to send 'em through a very heavily inundated chemical bath which takes the natural protection of the egg off of the egg itself," said Drue Bynum.  Mahard egg farm, with operations in north Texas and southern Oklahoma, says its orders have increased because stores are now trying to fill their shelves after the recall took about half a billion eggs off the market.  A spokesman says their company is just trying to keep up with the demand.  He also recommends that everyone cook their eggs thoroughly, no matter where you get them, as a safety precaution.