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Bikers Ride For School Supplies

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TEXOMA--Many Texas students are starting school tomorrow--and to make sure the kids are prepared--some local bikers are donating the right tools.

Knight Family Chiropractic in Denison held a motorcycle rally Sunday to collect school supplies.

Bikers donated money and supplies for needy Pottsboro and Denison elementary students. Bikers started at the Denison VFW and ended at Loose Wheels.

"One of my friends is raising their grand kids and you now, that's not easy when you're in your late 60s or your 70s to be raising three kids and there's a lot of that we see out here with grandparents raising their grandchildren that they didn't plan on--you know--fixed incomes, whatever that may be those kids add a lot to a family's fixed income so if I can help a little bit, because I don't have grand kids or kids then I'd be happy to do that," Sara Jerome said, biker. 

"The motorcycle ride was to draw interest of a different crowd, and also to help raise more money," Amy Knight said. "The economy the way it is, and then people enjoy riding, so we combine the two together.

The bikers traveled 117 miles. Almost $5,500 in donations and enough school supplies for 200 students was raised.

Jen French, KTEN News