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OHP Initiative in Carter County

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CARTER CO., OK- - If you were in Carter County Friday, you more than likely saw a few highway patrol units out on the roads. Meredith Saldana road along with them to find out exactly what they were doing.     

Friday afternoon, about 30 troopers met for a briefing in Ardmore.

They were told to look for anyone violating traffic laws throughout the county.     

It's a state wide initiative where the Oklahoma Highway Patrol focuses on different counties each month.

Trooper Ken Duncan says, "By doing it in the different counties it puts us across the state to send that reminder out to not drink and drive, to buckle up and obey all the speed laws and traffic laws."    

During the crackdown 187 tickets were given, there were many residents lucky enough to get by with warnings, 289 warnings to be exact, but there were a couple of violations that weren't offered any leniency at all. "

"If you're drinking and driving you can definitely expect to go to jail and if you're driving under suspension or driving without a licence you will go to jail," says Duncan.

The initiative resulted in 22 arrests, five were for driving under the influence, 13 of those were for driving without a license or driving with a suspended license.     

But troopers say, in the Carter County area, many accidents are caused by drivers under the influence of more than just alcohol.

"A large number of our fatalities are coming from people that are under the influence of prescription drugs and even though they're prescribed to them by the doctor, they're taking them illegally without the prescription and we're starting to see a large problem with people driving under the influence of drugs."

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News