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Fannin County Crisis Center Looking for New Home

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BONHAM, TX--The place where many abuse victims find shelter will soon have to move.

The Fannin County Crisis Center is looking to relocate. To offset expenses, staff members held a benefit at the Armory in Bonham today. 

The current facility at the VA Hospital is unfit for use, and the staff is currently shopping for a new home.

"We had some grants that were dropped on us when the crunch hit us we lost some of our grants which were really helpful," Jo Brandon said, Fannin County Crisis Center board member.

"Maybe not just physical abuse, but emotional and verbal," Megan Massey said," Fannin County Crisis staff member. "Sometimes people just need to come and vent and let out their anger and know that we will listen and that we will serve them to the best of our knowledge."

Bands played, a cake walk was held and there was even cow kissing. 

The Fannin County Crisis Center serves more than 600 women a year, in addition to many male clients. 

Services include counseling and support throughout the court process. 

Crisis board members hope to raise $5,000.

Jen French, KTEN News