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Candidate for Governor Bill White Speaks at Education Forum

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DENISON, TX--School is about to start for many districts, and Thursday night, teachers and education professionals were able to voice their concerns.     

Former Houston Mayor Bill white spoke at an education forum at Grayson County College in Denison. He says that local school boards should have more control over their students' education than the state.

Many local education professionals agreed.

"Some of the ways that the funding is spent is unique to our district and so there should be more local control so we're actually representing our constituents," Jay Watkins said, Denison ISD Board President.

"We need to be able to determine at the local level how does that fit with our community?" Kate Whitfield said, Sherman ISD Board President. "Can we have perhaps some of our career and technology classes count as math or science?

Both school board presidents said that tailoring curriculum to their students needs and having more control over their budgets could help their districts run more efficiently.

Whitfield suggested that technical and vocational classes should also be considered to be counted as math or science courses.

Jen French, KTEN News