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Texas School Finance Controversy

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Some Texoma educators say the Texas finance system is broken and needs change. They say it's affecting the way your child learns. Deeda Payton reports on what Denison ISD is doing to shed light on the issue.

Tuesday night, the Denison school board signed a resolution with two other districts asking the state to acknowledge the inequality in the way districts across the state are funded. Other educators I spoke to say there is a big disparity between what our local districts are allotted and what some metropolitan-area schools are given.

Textbooks, technology, teachers, they're all affected by how much funding a district is given by the state. "It really is tough from the standpoint of being able to compete with districts that are getting a lot more money to educate their students," said Dr. Henry Scott of Sherman ISD.

Currently in Texas a certain amount of money is allotted to school districts based on tax revenue, the money is allotted person student.

The Superintendent of Denison ISD, Dr. Henry Scott, says there is a disparity between how much the different districts gets, sometimes thousands of dollars, and it affects the way student's learn and how they compete with students across the state. "The system is broken. We're really in a bad situation. School districts across the state and the reason being there's no capacity within the system to get additional money yet the state continues to mandate things that cost money," said Scott.

The Denison school board recently passed a resolution to create awareness about the disparity in funding to hopefully get state legislators attention. "We want to fix the inequities in the finance system and provide what is best for each student in the community," said school board member, Randy Sedlacek. But, one roadblock for educators could be coming up with a solution to the problem. "That's a good question. I'm not wise enough to be able to figure that out and that's why they're there to do that," said Sedlacek.

Sherman ISD's Superintendent says he agrees that the system is broken and admits many people don't understand the formula that the state uses to calculate how much funding a district gets. "Well the formula used to determine how much money a school district gets per child, revenue per child, is complicated," said Dr. Al Hambrick of Sherman ISD.

It's an on-going issue with no clear solution that has been put before the legislature before and it appears it is headed there again. 
To learn more about the resolution signed by the Denison School Board, visit www.schoolpriority.com.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.