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Marshall County Completes Majority of Its E-911 Mapping

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Madill,OK-- We've been telling you about the changes to the 9-1-1 system in Marshall County.

On Tuesday, county officials made more progress in getting those new addresses mapped out.

Officials said about seventy-one percent of the mapping has been completed.

County officials met Tuesday afternoon to hammer out how the new enhanced 9-1-1 will affect your address.

Voters approved an update to the 911 system last September.

While it's tedious work, officials say it comes down to saving lives.

They also point out the historic nature of this mapping.

"In our area, we've never mapped this county," said Deborah Pennypacker, 911 Coordinator, "so it will be the first time that we have good maps of this area.  So that's part of why we're mapping this area."

Along with the remapping, officials will continue the work of renaming streets in order to eliminate duplicate roads.

Officials say the mapping should be done by the end of September with notices going out to residents after Thanksgiving.

Luke Small, KTEN News