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Dental Office Offers Free Care

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DENISON, TX--Golda Carton has had her teeth pulled before.

"I went to the dentist and I begged for something to stop the pain," Golda Carton said. "I ran a 105 fever. When I eat, it depends, it just hurts, you know?"

Now she needs wisdom teeth pulled. After being told it would cost $800, she decided to opt for free dental care. This Friday, the Lake Texoma Dental Care office offered free extractions and cleanings.

"Every day, every week, every month, every year, we turn away people because they just can't afford it," Stephen McAnaney DDS said. "I mean we have plenty that can, but there's a whole lot that can't. 

The office held its first free dental day last April, where 151 patients were served. Months later, the office held another free dental day. They were greeted by more than 200 patients waiting in line. 

One man waited since 7:15 in the morning for his wife.

"She's just getting two pulled today, so every little bit helps when you can save a penny, you know?" Wally Wooldridge said. 

Wooldridge says the wait is worth it. After getting his teeth pulled a few years ago in Oklahoma City, he was billed nearly $2,000.

Golda hopes to save a couple hundred herself.

"It's worth sitting here that long," she said. "If I have to be here till midnight, I'll do it."

A day of sitting in the heat may have save some Texomans more than a typical paycheck.

Lake Texoma Dental Care performed 233 extractions and 43 cleanings to 202 patients. It cost the office nearly $43,000.

 Jen French, KTEN News