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New Business: Sushi Restaurant Coming to Ardmore

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ARDMORE, OK - - Continuing our coverage of new businesses coming to Ardmore, rumors have been circulating about a sushi restaurant opening in downtown.  Meredith Saldana spent the day finding out if its fact or fiction.

Just a few months ago The Old Time Soda Pop Shop moved out of a building downtown on Main Street.

Now, the windows are covered and its obvious renovations are taking place.

James Lamey, Director of the Ardmore Main Street Authority says, "We've been talking to the owner for several years now. It's a very exciting development for downtown ardmore."

He's talking about a new restaurant coming to Ardmore and yes sushi fans, it's a sushi bar.

The owners are Gil Gentry and Stephanie Schwartz.     

The couple from Norman, just happened upon Ardmore 2 years ago.

"On a Sunday we decided that we wanted a cup of coffee, so we wound up in Ardmore, from Norman, on back roads," says Schwartz. "We were driving around and we loved the downtown area."

"The renovations downtown, it really dressed up the Main Street and we noticed it right off the bat thinking, this might be where we want to relocate," says Gentry.

Today, they've moved to Ardmore and are getting their space downtown ready for their new restaurant, Edamame American Sushi restaurant.

The owners say they're excited to move into the historical part of downtown Ardmore.

In fact, the building they're moving into was built in 1898.

It's the old courthouse and they say as they work to open their new business, they'll also be working hard to restore the history.  

"First we'd like to renovate and then open. And then bit by bit take the facade off the building and the awning off the building, incorporate more of what has been covered and its just aesthetically beautiful and have that brought to a highlight again," says Gentry.

The couple is doing most of the renovations themselves and while the building is still a work in progress, it's another good economic sign of the times in Ardmore.     

They hope to officially open their doors around Labor Day Weekend.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News