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Madill Students Head Back to School

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MADILL,OK- - Wednesday was the first day of school for students in Madill, Oklahoma. Meredith Saldana went back to school for the day and spent some time in the classroom with some 5th graders. She has more on their back to school experience.

Well, summer's over and it's back to school for Madill students.

They spent the day organizing their school supplies and getting acquainted with their new classmates and teachers.

"Well it's just exciting and the kids are all so excited and the teachers and it's usually a calm and pleasant, it's a good day, it's a great day," says Principal Jim Shipp.

It's principal Ship's 14th year at Madill elementary. He says it's an exciting day for faculty as well, something they look forward to every year.

He says they are, "working hard, trying to help the kids to learn and make the best of themselves. It's really a big challenge and we're up to that, I think, and that's our goal to help every kid be the best that they can be."

It was easy to see that the kids were full of energy and excited to be back at school.

It's especially exciting if you're a 5th grader, this is their last first day of school at the elementary school and some of them said coming back-to-school this year was a little different.

"When I walked in the door I was nervous because some of these people I don't know," Meagan McClish said.

"Well I was pretty excited. I mean nothing much is going on but I was pretty excited, kind of nervous," Travern Bagley said.

But their nerves were quickly calmed and after one full day of 5th grade they already have some advice for 5th graders in other districts, who will face their first day of school jitters in the coming weeks.

"Be good to your teachers. Don't get in trouble," Bagley said.

"Respect and trying new things and don't be nervous about it because it's nothing to be nervous about," McClish said.

That's right, nothing to be nervous about.

Overall it was an exciting day at Madill elementary.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News