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Durant Hosts "Tight Shoe Day" to Celebrate Sales Tax Holiday

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DURANT, OK--It's tax free weekend in Oklahoma, which means big bucks for local businesses. Historically, when people came into town to do their shopping, they wore their Sunday's best, which also meant they wore tight shoes. The Durant Chamber of Commerce is celebrating Tax Free weekend and its Centennial by doing just that--putting on nice shoes.

Dozens of Durant and surrounding residents gathered for a historical moment--a photo to capture their town's 100th anniversary. To celebrate the day, some wore their best shoes.

"Back years ago, it was the day that when all of the farmers and all of the rural people came to town, bought their monthly provisions, and it was generally a Saturday, they dressed in their Sunday best," Martin Van Meter said, Special Events Chairman.

To kick off Tax Free weekend, the Durant Chamber of commerce held a "Tight Shoe Day." Historically, when people visited town to go to the store, they wore their best clothes--and subsequently--brand new shoes.

"Typically we wore our new shoes--Sunday shoes--which were a little tight and uncomfortable," Linda Van Meter said.

What better time to buy and wear new shoes than on Oklahoma's Tax Free weekend?

"We have had a great weekend," Janet Reed said, of the Durant Chamber of Commerce. "Checking with our retail merchants, all the sales seem to be up throughout town, and we are just thrilled that our centennial fell on today's day."

Durant was incorporated in May 1910. Though this Saturday isn't the exact birthday of Durant, the day was chosen because it coincided with a weekend where shoppers can find bargains.

"This was the place to come on Saturday to shop and take care of all of the business," Barbara Rackley said. "People dressed up in their best, they didn't come casual like we do now."

"You know, I can remember as a child going barefoot most of the time during the summer, so on Sundays, whenever I wore my shoes to church, they were tight," Fran Mickle said.

Plenty of shoppers celebrated day by wearing their fashionable shoes while spending a little bit of money.

Jen French, KTEN News