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Oklahoma Stores Anticipate Big Sales on Tax Free Weekend

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MADILL, OK--Clothing and shoes are tax free in Oklahoma from August 6th to August 8th.

School is about to start for many students, and the search is on for the latest trends on clothes.

"Bling's in, zebra print, animal print, we really really have a lot of Miss Me Jeans--they're really in. We like the bling for the pockets--rain boots are just way popular," Effie Gibbs said, Unique Boutique owner. We can't get enough of that here in our county for sure."

It's tax free weekend in Oklahoma starting Friday August 6th until Sunday August 8th. Clothing and shoes under $100 are tax free. Some say that Texans are crossing the border for deals.

"We get first crack at back to school shoppers, and we actually see some Texans cross the border and come into Oklahoma to take advantage of Oklahoma's back to school sales Tax Holiday. That's a good thing because that brings economic strength into our state," Jay Paul Gumm said, Oklahoma State Senator.

The surge of shoppers keeps Sharpes Department Store in Madill busy. The manager says that on average, people tend to spend 30 percent more this weekend than what they normally would.

"We do get a lot of the moms that will shop possibly spend a little bit more than what they budgeted because they can save that tax," David Harwell said, Sharpes store manager.

The deals aren't just for students though. Plenty of parents are also giving their credit cards a work out.

"It's a lot busier, like we've been open since 7:00 this morning and it's been non stop since 7:00."  

Madill's Unique Boutique is looking for big sales this weekend.

"We have a lot of trendy things for younger girls, but that doesn't mean us older girls don't want some trendy things too, so we do that too," Gibbs said. 

Without the tax, $50 boots don't seem as expensive.

Jen French, KTEN News