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Search Continues for Missing Camper

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MURRAY COUNTY, OK - - The search for a missing camper from the Falls Creek church camp continued, Thursday. Search and rescue crews are looking for Moses Fitchpatrick. He's described as 5' 10" tall and about 200-pounds. Meredith Saldana has more on this story.

It's extremely hot outside but it's not stopping search crews from continuing their search.

It's now day two of the search for the missing young man from Wichita, Kansas.

Friends say he went hiking with them Tuesday on trails at Falls Creek but they soon noticed he never returned to camp, that's when the search began.

Search and rescue teams have come to Davis, Oklahoma from neighboring states.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is also assisting and has brought in their airplane to search from the skies.

Nine teams of 36 people including six canine teams are searching for Fitchpatrick.

OHP Trooper Ashley Hampton says, "Well, so far I mean we've had numerous people from Murray County Sheriff's Office to the highway patrol to volunteers, everybody's out here searching night and day so we're continuing to search."

But the search has been difficult with the extremely high temperatures and rough terrain.

Search crews and volunteers must report back throughout the day to be sure they're not getting dehydrated.

Hampton says, "I believe they have to check in every so often and then when they check in the medics look at them then they give their statement of what they found, what they did."

The crews have spread out across the large area in the hopes of finding the young man.

"Everything from phone calls to any kind of missing particles from clothing, foot steps anything we can find," says Hampton.

Falls Creek Director James Swain says the camp hasn't stopped searching since they heard the young man went missing and they're continuing to assist search crews.

"We are supporting the operation and that's- they are the professional search team that's here. We are supporting them," says Swain.

Despite the high temperatures and more than two full days that have passed, everyone's determined to find him.

Swain says, "Our thoughts and prayers are with the young man and his family at this time."

Trooper Hampton adds, "That's the goal, is to find him. Hopefully he'll be okay."

If you have any information please call the Oklahoma Highway Patrol of Murray County Sheriff's Office.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News