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Clay Sculptor Helps Raise Money for Eisenhower Monument

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FANNIN COUNTY--One Texoma couple has started their own fundraising business, but the things they're selling are miniature.

Their efforts are raising money for the Eisenhower Monument, and so far they've contributed nearly $500 dollars to the cause.

Alicia Passanisi makes clay sculptures, but the size of her crafts look like they're for Barbie. 

"A lot of the pieces are fan pieces, so mom, dad, grandparents can get them custom done that says--you know--proud grandmother of--and have them either the kids name or their number," Passanisi said. 

Passanisi and her husband Joe have started the odd duck fundraising company. Alicia's role is to make pins, hairpieces, and picture frames for schools and churches.

"I called my kids odd ducks, and its like it just seemed appropriate that since most of its for them, for the kids, that it'd be an Odd Duck Company," Passanisi said.

It started when Passanisi wanted to contribute more to her children's activities.

"Our girls are cheerleaders and our son is autistic, so he does the Special Olympics, and we've been trying to get more and more involved in the Special Olympics as well," Passanisi said.  

Though the ornaments look like works of art, Passanisi has only been sculpting with this particular type of clay for only a year. Her first projects were actually Christmas presents for her children.

"But when I started sculpting, it's like it felt right--you know?" Passanisi said. 

Detailed as they may appear, this woman finishes her creations rather quickly.

"It depends on the piece of course--sometimes just a few minutes," Passanisi said.

Some may even need a magnifying glass to fully appreciate this artist's attention to detail. 

Jen French, KTEN News