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Banner Announcing Ike Memorial Is In Place

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DENISON, TX -- Denison is moving forward with the Eisenhower monument in Texoma. Deeda Payton reports.

Friday, organizers in Denison put up a banner announcing the placement of the upcoming Eisenhower Memorial.  It was a proud moment when the people who have worked so hard to get their vision realized got to hold up the banner declaring the future home of the Eisenhower Memorial.

The monument isn't just about Denison, it's about the community and our local veterans whose names will be placed on bricks that will support it. "It's a great opportunity for family members to honor vets who served or are on active duty now and we really appreciate how the community has come together, the media has come together and all make it possible to make it happen," said Donald Banman.

450 bricks have already been sold, but organizers say they're goal is to sell between 800 and 900 personalized bricks to finance the memorial.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.