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Church Members Devastated by Early Morning Fire

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JOHNSTON COUNTY, OK- - A fire Friday morning in Ravia, Oklahoma destroyed a local church, leaving members devastated. Meredith Saldana was there and has more on this story.

The fire happened around 1:30 Friday morning.     

Now, members of the church say they lost many memories when they lost the church.  

Friday morning, the investigation continued as the State Fire Marshall searched for clues and a cause of the fire that destroyed the First Baptist Church, in Ravia.     

While many details are still being investigated, they do say arson is to blame.

Ravia firefighter Toby Miller says, "The fire was set, that's what the State Fire Marshall said."

News of the fire spread quickly through the small town of Ravia and members say they're heartbroken.

"Very emotional, very, very emotional."

Bea Herron has been a member of the church for 70 years and at 94, she's the oldest member.

In fact, her daughter has a picture of a group of her mother and other members who helped build the church in 1955.     

Herron says when they started the process of flooring the new building, they decided to put in hardwood floors and her family did a lot of the work.  

"My mother could drive a nail like you wouldn't believe," says Herron. "She and I and my dad mainly put the hardwood flooring in that. If you ever drove a nail thru a piece of hardwood, you know what I'm talking about."

Friday morning's fire destroyed many things that Bea Herron holds dear to her heart.

"A piano that was very special cause there was myself and another lady bought it in memory of our husbands and he said it was gone, it was bad, completely gone," says Herron. "It's not the building, it's the memories. There's so many memories here that only I know."

Herron says this fire may have destroyed their church, but they're not going to let it break their spirit.

"The city has donated or offered for us to meet down there in the community center, Sunday. We'll have church someway or another."

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Johnston County Sheriff's Office.

-Meredith Saldana, KTEN News