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New Water Pumps on Lake Texoma to Serve North Texas

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LAKE TEXOMA--More water may be pumped out of Lake Texoma to serve the Sherman and North Texas region. The Greater Texoma Utility Authority and the North Texas Municipal Water District approved earlier this week the financing and expansion of a pump station.

The two new pumps will get more water out of the lake.

Plans started a year ago to expand the pump station's capacity. Currently the city of Sherman receives one-fifth of the station's output.

"The lake was built for flood control and hydro power, and if we were to operate that pump station at full capacity 365 days a year, it would remove from the lake about the same amount of water that goes thorough the generators in three days," Jerry Chapman said, Greater Texoma Utility Authority Manager.

The two new pumps both have 6,000 horsepower and will increase the capacity of water that can be pumped from 95 million gallons a day to 125 million gallons a day.

Jen French, KTEN News