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Money-Saving Tips for Boating on the Lake

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LAKE TEXOMA, TX -- The lake is one of Texoma's greatest assets, but it comes with a price for those out having fun. Times are tough, but it's summertime so we sent Deeda Payton out for some ways to save money but still get out on the lake.

This time of year being on the lake may be all you want to do, but boating isn't cheap. "You've got the boat itself that initial investment with purchasing the boat. Depending on if you're going to trailer the boat or you're going to keep it in the water, you've got slip rent, you've got insurance, you've got maintenance. There's a lot of incidental costs that come with boating," said Jason Cottigame of Grandpappy Point Marina.

While the economy may be keeping new boat sales down, Grandpappy Point Marina's Manager says it's not keeping people off the water. "It's been known that fuel costs on the water are higher than that on the road and in most cases, it has not slowed people down from boating," said Cottingame.

But, boaters are always looking to save a buck. "My family here going fishing, taking three of us is a lot cheaper than taking two of us. Yea, if you can get a big group to go out on the lake it's a great time to do it," said boating enthusiast, Zachary Neal.

In today's economy every little bit helps, so having friends and family chip in is always a good idea. 

Here are some other ways to save:

-rent a boat with a group.

-take as little extra weight on the boat as possible. The less weight, the better gas mileage.

-don't rent a boat for a full day.

-rent a more cost-efficient, man-powered boat.

If you own a boat:

-towing is cheaper than docking.

-you can find less expensive fuel off the water.

-keep your boat bottom clean. Dirt causes friction which burns more gas.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.