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EBooks Outsell Hard Back Books

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SHERMAN, TX -- Book lovers prepare to be blown away, Amazon is reporting ebooks are outselling hard backs. But, as Deeda Payton reports, Texoma book lovers aren't the ones buying them.

It's hard to believe that hundreds of books can fit on something so small, but they can. Ebooks are flying off the shelves so-to-speak only there are no shelves involved because these books are all online.

Made famous by Amazon's Kindle, ebooks are now outselling hard covers much to the surprise of local book lovers. "I don't know how I would like them because quite honestly I haven't bought them yet. They're too expensive for me right now," said Thackerville, OK resident, Nancy Stockard.

Amazon says they sell 180 ebooks for every 100 hard back books, but you wouldn't know it from looking around the Hastings Book Store in Sherman. "I think there is always going to be a group of book lovers who will buy a book when it first hits the shelf, hardback, paperback, they don't care," said Hastings Book Manager, Sharon Cagle.

As easy as it is to just go online and start reading, some people say they still prefer looking around a book store, choosing a book off the shelf and having a hard back to hold in their hand. "I like to have the right-in-my-hand book, it's just easier for me," said Cartwright, OK resident, Roger McDowell. "You give me just a plain ole paper book and I'm good to go," said Stockard.

Some may call it a generational thing as some traditional book worms may turn their back on the technology, but in Texoma it seems age doesn't determine a reader's preference. "I love reading books, I like the books. It's more interesting to me. It seems like actually picking up an adventure in a book," said Sherman Elementary student, Kiva Maxwell. "I can focus a little better on a book," said classmate, Zoe Capaldo.

There are pros and cons to both formats, though, hard back books are heavy while ebooks are relatively weightless. And, while convenient, ebooks can be hard on the eyes. It's really up to you. Just whatever you do, don't judge a book by it's cover.

Amazon says they attribute part of the growth of ebooks to a drop in price for their Kindle. Since they dropped the price of the Kindle by about $70 their sales have tripled.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.