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Improper Sleep Could Lead to a Hormone Imbalance

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TEXOMA--If you work the graveyard, or overnight shift, your body may be feeling the consequences.

It's something all people need, but probably don't get enough of--sleep. Some studies show that it's just how much sleep you get--it's also when you sleep. 

"Sleep disturbances can affect the hormone levels, because there are some hormones for some reason--the secretion, the normal secretion of these hormones happens during the night or during sleep," said Muqdad Zuriqat, sleep specialist.

Those who work the night--or graveyard shifts at their jobs--may not be as lucky as those with daytime shifts. Night workers may be subject to "shift work disorder," meaning that because they sleep during the day and work at night, they can develop a hormone imbalance. 

A texoma sleep expert says that activity before bedtime can make one feel fatigued. 

"Avoid anything alerting--anything entertaining at the time, watching TV in the bedroom, using the computer in the bedroom playing games close to bedtime," Zuriqat said.  

If you're lying in bed for 25 minutes or more, and are unable to fall asleep, medical experts suggest that you try something else for a few minutes until you get sleepy.  

The pituitary gland is affected the most if the human body doesn't rest properly.  Working instead of sleeping during the night can cause abnormal hormone secretions and can even increase one's appetite. 

"We worry about car accidents during the day, we worry about problems at work--especially people who operate heavy equipment, and we worry about performance during the day," Zuriqat said. 

For a good night's sleep, regardless of schedule, zuriqat advises to have a set bedtime, a cool bedroom, and to not have distracting lights.

Jen French, KTEN News