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OKC rolls out red carpet for Rock 'N America


Organizers of The "Rock N America" festival being held July 22-25 at the Zoo Amphitheatre and Northeast Oklahoma City's Adventure District, will turn all of Oklahoma City into the Eighties Music capitol of the United States.
Rock N America is the largest Eighties Festival in all the United States with over 30 bands.  Headliners include Scorpions on their Final Farewell Tour, Cinderella, Twisted Sister and RATT.
Expected to draw fans from all 50 states and throughout the world to Oklahoma City, Rock N America kicks off Thursday, July 22 with a free concert inside the historical Zoo Amphitheatre. Twelve Bands will be featured with ten having Oklahoma ties.  "Anytime you have an event like this drawing thousands of people from around the country and world to Oklahoma City, we want to be able to showcase our local talent," according to Jill Simpson, director of the state Film and Music Office. In addition, Rising Wind out of Italy will be performing along with Dirty Penny from California who will headline the free night of music.
In the park adjacent to the Zoo Amphitheatre, is a free to the public festival for all four days.  The festival will feature restaurants from Oklahoma along with other food vendors, artisans, performing arts and bands from all over the world and more. The festival grounds called the Midway will also feature a 100' x 200' air conditioned tent that will host 10 bands each day and will also have big screens to simulcast the music inside the amphitheatre.
Other bands scheduled to perform at Rock N America are Dokken, Warrant, Great White, Lita Ford, Slaughter, Michael Schenker Group, LA Guns featuring Tracii Guns, Firehouse, Bulletboys, Lynch Mob, Pretty Boy Floyd, Steelheart, Faster Pussycat, John Corabi, Enuff Z Nuff, Toxin, Herman Rarebell formerly of Scorpions, Axe, Texas Hippie Coalition, Lizzy Borden, Trixter and Dirty Penny.
VH 1's Eddie Trunk will host the four day event and for the Friday show will do a special tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio. $5.00 from every ticket sold for the Friday event will go to the Ronnie James Dio Cancer Fund.
There will be after party events at several night clubs throughout the city with some of the featured artists signing autographs, playing music and doing meet and greets.  Go to www.rocknamerica for more details regarding the festival and or the after party activities.
The Zoo Amphitheatre in Oklahoma City is well known as being one of the Midwest's unique concert facilities nestled next door to the Oklahoma City Zoo, one of the top rated zoos in North America and is the oldest zoo in the Southwest.
Camping facilities are near the Zoo Amphitheatre in Oklahoma City and there's sufficient free parking at Remington Park Racetrack and Casino.  The Zoo Amphitheatre is located just over seventeen miles from Will Rogers World Airport. 
Accommodations are not a problem as Oklahoma City boasts over 15,000 hotel rooms.  Hotel Packages complete with rooms, tickets and transportation are available by going to www.zooamp.com and clicking on tickets.
Single Day tickets and Three-Day passes for the general public or for  VIP access are on sale now at www.rocknamerica.com, www.zooamp.com, participating Buy For Less stores or call toll free at 800-511-1552.

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