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Friends Speak About Drowning Death of Bryan County Teen

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- A Texoma family is forced to cope with the death of a child. Thursday night, 13-year-old Cheyenne Tippie drowned in western Bryan County near Mead in the Willow Springs area. Tippie was playing in a drainage ditch when flash flooding swept her into a culvert. Deeda Payton spoke with the girl's friends and family about the loss.

The whole neighborhood is in shock just trying to wrap their head around what happened, and for the family, their front yard will forever be a reminder of the tragedy.

Friday, the Tippie's front yard was just soggy from the rains, but Thursday night it turned into a death trap for one teenage girl. A flash flood pushed Cheyenne Tippie into the tin horn of this drainage ditch. "She got stuck. I had to pull her out. I got her shirt and the thing sucked her in," said Rene Moore who tried to save Cheyenne.

Her friends tried to pull her out, but the water was moving so fast and the suction inside the tin horn was so strong that they couldn't save her. "It was just bad. It just shocked everybody," said childhood friend, Brianna Warnky.

The 13-year-old drown in her front yard. "You know it's shocking to the community because you know concerning the situation and how it happened. You wouldn't think somebody would drown in that," said neighbor, Jimmy Johnson.

Bryan County emergency crews say it is the third drowning in Oklahoma this week and warn it can all happen so fast. "A lot of people don't realize water is pretty unforgiving. It doesn't take that water to cause a drowning," said James Dalton.

Cheyenne's story is a painful reminder of just how precious and fragile a human life is. Her family hopes their tragedy will warn others about the seriousness of flash flooding.

Funeral services for Cheyenne Tippie are tentatively set for Tuesday.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.