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A Denison Youth Group Takes On Local Mission Work

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DENISON, TX -- Every summer our local churches participate in mission trips all over the country, but this year a group of Denison youths decided to keep their service local to make a difference in their own backyard. Deeda Payton reports.

Working on a house may not be how you imagined our local youth spending their summer break, but that's exactly what this Denison church group is doing. "You know it's something you can come back and say I redid that house. It's really special," said volunteer, Brian Hander.

Repairing the historic homes of Frontier Village in Loy Lake Park is just one of the mission projects Waples United Methodist Church youth are committing to this summer. "I think I can do mission anywhere. It doesn't have to be local, it can be far away and we find that we can do mission in our own backyard," said youth director, Kim Huff.

These teens and young adults are busy painting, replacing siding and cleaning up local homes and properties. It's hard work, but this group keeps coming back year after year to volunteer their time. "It is an amazing experience. You get closer as a group and you bond. You're helping others and it's a great way to learn how to work hard and work for people with the only reward being gratitude. It's a great experience," said volunteer, Rachel Willis.

While the youth say they get a lot out of this experience, they have also given a lot back not just to our community, but communities across the country. "We've done Tennessee, San Marcos, Mission, TX. We've put roofs on houses, we've built decks, we've done electrical work, glazing windows, plumbing. We've done a whole lot of different things throughout the years," said Huff.

Manual labor may not seem like a fun way for youth to spend their summer, but when their work makes their hometown a better place they say it's a lot more lasting than just a suntan.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.