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Cigna Spreads Awareness of Growing Obesity Epidemic

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DENISON, TX -- With a majority of Americans overweight, one Denison company is looking to spread awareness about the growing epidemic with a creative approach. Deeda Payton explains.

It's no secret that our country is battling a health crisis with healthcare costs through the roof and obesity rates on the rise now is the time to take action, and that's exactly what Cigna is trying to do.

A Denison health insurance company had a visitor, a mobile learning lab. It was a health exhibit on wheels with everything one needs to know about how everyday choices can affect your overall health. "Most of the reasons folks are overweight is lifestyle choice related," said Kellie Metzdorf of Cigna.

Obesity is a growing epidemic in our country with 65% of Americans overweight. It's a serious issue and Cigna is taking a hands on approach to helping the public understand how obesity can contribute to serious health problems.

This exhibit explains that just 20 extra pounds can increase the risk of diseases and place the body under added strain. "A lot of the things that the mobile learning unit explores is different factors in the environment and in the culture that could have an impact on individuals health that maybe we don't always think of. We automatically think eat healthy and exercise and there could be a lot of other factors that drive people to be unhealthy besides those things," said Metzdorf.

One of the things that got my attention on the mobile learning lab was a wall all about portion control. It may surprise you to know that you're only supposed to have about a light bulb amount or half a cup of pasta instead of a big bowl we're all used to getting. Then when it comes to cheese, you're supposed to about the size of a thumbs up. Now this is only a goal on your way to health and the best way to combat health care costs, according to Cigna, is health improvement.

This exhibit also breaks down a nutrition label. It turns the numbers into truths about what you're putting in your mouth that could hurt your heart and your body. Cigna is taking a little space trying to make a big difference to show it's not about the battle against the bulge as much as a fight for Americans lives.

Once again, 65% of Americans are overweight and that number is projected to increase to 86% by the year 20-30.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.