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Denison Sells Bricks to Honor Local Veterans & Residents

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- You or a loved one could become part of Denison's rich history with an engraved brick at the new Eisenhower Memorial overlooking highway 75 from Loy Lake Park. Deeda Payton reports.

Box Seat Sportscards is just one of about a hundred places where you can sign up for a brick, and,this isn't the first time the brick idea has been used to help beautify Denison. Personalized bricks were also sold to fund Heritage Park and to fix the serpentine of Main Street in the '90s. "Selling bricks is a unique way to raise money, but I think even more importantly about the bricks is the honoring of the servicemen, you can buy a brick to recognize a contribution," said Denison City Manager, Larry Cruise.

"You're actually honoring people that you're putting on the brick and that's what makes it such a personal thing," said Doug Coleman who is selling bricks out of his store, Box Seat Sportscards.

The bricks cost $70 for veterans and it's $100 for everyone else. The Eisenhower Memorial is set to be ready in time for Ike's birthday on October 14th.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.