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Summer hair tips

Don't let summer weather keep your hair from shining. © Arcurs Don't let summer weather keep your hair from shining. © Arcurs

By Amber Katz


Bright, labor-intensive makeup and gleaming, straight locks are fantastic for frosty months, but summer is all about low-key beauty. If humidity has you hiding your hair for fear of a frizzified coif, follow these four tips.

1. Embrace natural texture.

Humid weather is just not the time to go against nature -- it's a losing battle. When the mercury rises past 80, give your heat tools a rest and define your waves or curls with a dab of styling cream.

2. Protect hair from UV rays.

While putting sunscreen directly on your hair will shield your locks from the sun's damaging rays, it won't do much for the do's integrity. A better option: Many hair products contain a protective sun veil and add moisture and shine.

3. Water it down.

Before diving in that pool, wet down your hair with a spray bottle of plain water so it won't soak up so much damaging chlorine. For extra conditioning, before swimming, work in a product that contains keratin to maintain shine, moisture and elasticity.

4. Accessorize.

The weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day are perfect for casual updos like volumized ponytails, sultry side braids and chic chignons. Hit up your nearest drugstore for a fabulous selection of cute hair ties and barrettes in shades that match your mane.

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