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Hundreds Gather at Munson Stadium for Denison Fireworks

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DENISON, TX--On the Fourth of July, hundreds gathered in and around Munson Stadium. The festivities started with our own Alan Mitchell as one of the emcees... introducing special guests speakers. The program included a presentation of the colors, a welcome message from mayor Robert Brady, and of course the star spangled banner.

Everyone who went had their own special reasons.

"It means freedom," Heidi Yoder said. It means being able to come here out of my own free will, bring my family and enjoy the fireworks. 

"Of the people, by the people, and for the people," Doug Hoover said. "Big fireworks show."

"Fourth of July is a celebration of our country's independence and it's a celebration of the freedom that we have to worship like we please and do all kind sort things that people in other countries can't do," JOHN SCOTT said. 

There was also a concert by Willie Kickit, followed by a fireworks show.