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Bar & Grill on Marina Ready For Fourth of July

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POTTSBORO, TX--If you're looking for fireworks by lake Texoma Sunday night, a local marina will be having a show. They'll also be pouring drinks and help Texomans celebrate.

Bartender Brad Sylvester says he's ready for the Fourth of July crowd. 

"Fourth of July is probably our busiest weekend," Brad Sylvester said, bartender. "Everybody wants to come out to the lake. Tonight we have a big fireworks show and live bands so it will be busy."

Sylvester has been bartending for seven years. He expects the Island Bar and Grill to be full because of its location on Highport Marina. Saturday night, they had as many as 2,500 customers. 

For the fourth, Highport Marina will be having a 30 minute fireworks show after dusk, as well as a live band and DJ. 

"You'll look out in our harbor out in the lake and they'll be 1000 boats out there and they're celebrating when the fireworks go off they all start honking their horns," Tim Hayes said, General Manager of Highport Marina. 

Sylvester and his fellow bartenders worked till 5am Sunday cleaning up after last night's late crowd. He expects another exciting night. 

"Frozen margaritas--they're real popular--and then of course just regular margaritas," Sylvester said.  "Mai Tais just like a fruity drink and then I guess red bull and vodka are popular right now."  

For the Fourth, there will be four bartenders working at the same time--ready to pour drinks. 

"It's more fun than it's really a job because I guess you get to interact with a lot of people," Sylvester said. "You get to meet a lot of neat people." 

Though they're busy, Sylvester says that customers don't usually cause problems, but if they do, there's someone who can take care of them. 

"We have bouncers--you know-- if anybody gets out of control, they usually take care of those people, so we don't really have to deal with them too much," Sylvester said. 

On this holiday, Sylvester will be pouring shots.

-Jen French, KTEN News