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Texomans Eagerly Await Sherman Fireworks Show, Despite Drizzle

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SHERMAN,TX--Texomans watched anxiously as the ribbon was cut for the Pecan Grove Park Independence Day grand opening. Despite the rain, one thing kept them outside in their lawn chairs. 

"Fireworks--the fireworks of course," said Kacy Barlow and Tom Nation.

Rain didn't scare Kacy Barlow and Tom Nation. They were even equipped with full-body rain jackets. 

"Oh we just enjoy the rain," Barlow said. "We think it's wonderful. We have swings and the porch. We love to watch the thunder and the lighting and the storm."

The two even had an Oklahoma State University umbrella to stay dry for the show. This couple didn't bring jackets, but they still found ways to take cover. 

"Oh we're handling it," Tina Knickerbocker said. "We kinda expected some rain a little bit here and there but we've come out to enjoy ourselves."

What everyone came for still went on. 

"The shows going to go on," J.J. Jones said, Sherman Fire Chief. "Again, we got a very light drizzle so bring your umbrella and come on out and help us celebrate the opening of the park." 

"Hiding underneath the trees and the pavilions right now--towels," Knickerbocker said. 

Which this couple is doing to make sure they still get to see the show.

-Jen French, KTEN News