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More Parking Coming To Grayson County College

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Grayson County College is getting additional parking spaces thanks to taxpayer dollars. Deeda Payton explains. 

Tuesday, the college's board of trustees approved spending $790,000 from a bond approved by residents a few years ago to construct roughly 400 additional parking spaces for the campus.

Grayson County College has roughly 5,000 students every semester. Currently, there are just under 1300 parking spaces which school administrators say is adequate, but they say there is always a need for additional space. "Parking has been on every survey that the college has taken in my 25 years. Parking has always been an issue and anytime you can add a space it's a wonderful thing," said Shelle Cassell, a spokesperson for Grayson County College.

Construction on the parking spaces will start immediately. the school will also be installing security lighting in the new lots with the money approved. The roughly $800,000 comes from a $45 million bond passed in Grayson County in 2007. The school hopes the parking spaces will be ready for the fall semester.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.