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Volunteers Paint Street Numbers to Help First Responders

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SHERMAN, TX--Finding your way around Texoma may be difficult if the address number is hard to see, but some local  volunteers in Sherman are working to change that. 

The North Texas Young Professionals painted street numbers on the curbsides of businesses that didn't have an easy to see address.

Having big numbers may not just be helpful to friends or family trying to find your home, but first responders as well. 

"Well it's important number one for our growth, for our business," Angela Quick said. "They say they're at 129 Wall Street, then we definitely want to be able to find 129 Wall Street, but if 911 came, and you don't have a good address, and you're needing emergency services, then you'll definitely benefit from what we've done."

The project was part of Texoma's great days of service.

-Jen French, KTEN News