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Stimulus Dollars Working to Make Texoma Homes More Efficient

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SHERMAN, TX--Federal stimulus dollars are going to work right here in Texoma, and for some families it means better home efficiency. 
The Texoma Council of Governments has spent $1.2 million on getting homes weatherized, and 220 homes have been completed as of this May. 

Local utility companies also supplement the federal aid in getting these homes energy efficient. 

Including what has already been spent, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act will be giving a total of nearly $6 million to the Texoma Council of Governments. 

The funds must be spent by August 2011

"It's going fantastic. We are so happy that we are able to make an investment that really helps our citizens and make a change in our community. Help folks with their utility bills, help make their homes more energy efficient," Susan Thomas said, of the Texoma Council of Governments. "We're really blessed to be able to do that work and help folks." 

Thomas says the council plans on getting nearly 800 more homes ready for the upcoming summer and winter months. Among products installed in these homes include insulation and heating and cooling units.

-Jen French, KTEN News