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New Bells Mayor Looking to Make Changes


BELLS, TX--There's been a lot talk in the city of Bells, Texas. Earlier this month, the mayor and five city employees resigned suddenly.

Last night, the city council appointed Tommy Carter as the new mayor in a 3-2 vote. After the resignations of six city employees, Bells is working to fill those vacancies. The new mayor says that he hopes to bring change to community.

It's Tommy Carter's first day on the job as Bells city mayor, and he says he's got plans for change.

"They want to see Bells grow and they see the people want to come to Bells, and right now we just don't have that," said Carter.

Bringing business to Bells is just one of Carter's many plans for the city. After six sudden city resignations, including mayor Shirley Mullinix's, Bells has been working to rebuild its government. The city council appointed Tommy Carter as mayor. He was runner up in May's election.  

"All I know is one morning they called and said all the (positions) had left," Carter said. 

A local business man is optimistic about the potential changes. 

"The community can move forward in a positive manner and the city will be able to operate independently from some of the other business entities that have had a direct connection to city businesses," Tracy Goins said.

Carter was formerly the Bells police chief. He's currently the fire chief and works as a dispatcher for the Grayson County Sheriff's office. So far, he says citizens have voiced their concerns about not all fire hydrants working in the city. He wants to change that.

"It's just a hindrance when you pull up to a fire hydrant, and it doesn't work and you expect it to." Carter said.

Carter also says that Bells doesn't have a building inspector. Previously, the fire chief assumed many of those responsibilities. 

"I think you're going to see that now with communications more between the city and the citizens to say hey--we're concerned what's going on out here and you ought to be concerned too," Carter said. 

Carter said that Bells is accepting applications for the vacant city positions. 

--Jen French, KTEN News