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The Dangers of "Eyeballing Vodka"


DENISON, TX -- There's a new drinking craze and it's quite the eye opener. It's called "Eyeballing Vodka." It started on Youtube and quickly spread to college campuses across the country. We are not telling you about this to glamorize or promote it, but we want to warn you that it is happening. Deeda Payton spoke to a local optometrist about the repercussions of taking a shot to the eye.

There are hundreds of videos of people "eyeballing vodka" and they've already been viewed thousands of times. "I think that's probably the craziest thing I've ever heard of," said local resident, Dave Haas.

It's the same images over and over, college kids across the country pouring vodka straight into their eye. Doctors say it's a hoax and won't get you drunk any faster, it'll just cause you a lot of pain. "There's no bounds to some things that aren't smart and this everywhere, painful, annoying, not going to get you drunk, not going to affect you, but it's going to hurt your eye," said local optometrist, Doctor Tom Baugh.

Dr. Baugh's eyes were opened to the drinking craze a few weeks ago and he can't believe how popular it has become. "This started I think in Britain from the videos I saw and now we got a hundred videos on doing some kind of alcohol shot to the eye," said Dr. Baugh.

It's painful to watch and all Dr. Baugh sees is serious eye problems for these kids in the future. "Long term? we use alcohol to take eyes out, to remove them," said Dr. Baugh.

He says "eyeballing"at best can destroy the outer layer of your cornea and at worst can cause blindness.

It seems every generation tries to take drinking to the next level, but doctors say the eye's the limit and while it may look cool it could stop you from ever being able to see again, let alone watch your own video.

We're showing you this story as a warning, for anyone who might take part and for parents to know it is out there.  "Eyeballing alcohol" may be popular, especially on the internet, it can only do harm and will not get you drunk.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.