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The Heat Is On, Putting Pressure on AC Repairmen


DENISON, TX -- The heat means the pressure is on for local air conditioner repairmen. Deeda Payton followed a local repairmen on a call Tuesday.

Air conditioner repair men are a hot commodity these days, busy fixing problems that for many started months back when the weather was cool.

Rus Griffin of Allen Plumbing and Heating repairs air conditioner units all day, everyday and has for 16 years. Just Tuesday, he responded to four calls in four separate cities across Texoma all before noon. "Five to seven calls and day and seven days a week. It's been coming in ever since the heat came in last weekend and the weekend before that, it's just been really, really busy," said Griffin.

Even though he works to restore people's AC, it's not a cool job. In fact, many units are outside or in the attic, so he says he drinks a lot of water to keep hydrated.

Deeda Payton, ABC Texoma News.