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Denison adopts sexually oriented business ordinance


DENISON, TX -- Without a lot of fanfare, the Denison City Council approved a sexually oriented business zoning ordinance, and a licensing ordinance to go with it, this at a Monday night regular meeting.

In essence, the zoning ordinance determines where sexually oriented businesses can go in Denison, and the licensing ordinance determines what constitutes a sexually oriented business and mandates that performers and managers at these types of businesses purchase a license, which could be up to $1,500 each.

The licensing ordinance delves into background checks and criminal history of those applying for licenses for the sexually oriented businesses.

The approval of these ordinances comes after many public hearings and much consternation on the part of the city council, and after studies that involved experts from across the nation. What Denison passed is similar in nation to what the city of Dallas has done with its sexually oriented business ordinances.

City Manager Larry Cruise said the city council has gone through an extensive process to determine what affect sexually oriented businesses have on the community. "And they determined there needs to be more stringent rules on how to license and regulate that. Last night, they adopted the final ordinance to do so."