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Road Crews Struggle to Work in the Heat

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DENISON, TX -- The heat is on with temperatures rising close to one hundred in some places. If you're one who has to work out in that heat, you know it's not easy. Deeda Payton reports on how local road crews are protecting themselves from the heat.

Road crews with the Texas Department of Transportation are working up and down the highway on several projects.  Spring to Summer is their busiest season for road repairs, but with the temperature in the nineties and rising their safety is paramount to prevent heat exhaustion. "We quite did not expect the 100 degree temperatures so soon, but we do meet with our contract workers and TXDOT employees and kind of brief them on the safety precautions to take in the hot season," said Noel Paramanantham with TXDOT.

TXDOT says they encourage their workers to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and to take frequent breaks from the sun. They also rotate their crews in and out so no one person stays out too long in the conditions.

TXDOT crews say working on the asphalt makes the heat feel twenty to thirty degrees hotter than the ambient temperature outside.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.