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Even Veterans From Civil War Remembered

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COLBERT, OK -- It's a time to remember all veterans even ones from as far back as the Civil War.

The Colbert Cemetery Association planted small American flags on the graves of veterans Saturday morning.

Flags also dotted the entryway of the Garden of Memory Cemetery.  

One volunteer was there to decorate the grave of his great, great... great grandfather, who actually fought in the civil war.

"My great great great grandfather is buried just over here," Nathan Stone, volunteer, said.  "He was in the Union Army from the Illinois Regiment. He joined up in 1862. Where we are now is based on what these people did in their lives and where we're going is going to affect people further on down the road."

The Colbert Cemetery Association will host a Memorial Day program Monday. The Durant Honor Guard of Veterans of Foreign Wars will be present.

--Jen French, KTEN News