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Preparing for Marshall County elections

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From the Marshall County, Oklahoma elections office:

Oklahomans who want to elect the nominee of a political party should make sure they are registered correctly no later than Friday, May 28, according to LaRue Wilhite, Secretary of the Marshall County Election Board.

"According to state law, May 31 is the last day for registered voters to change their political affiliation. However, May 31 is also Memorial Day, a state and federal holiday, "Wilhite said. "If voters want to be certain they are registered to vote in the political party they want to be affiliated with for the upcoming July 27, 2010, Primary Election, they are encouraged to make political affiliation changes by Friday, May 28, because most registration agencies are not open again until after the May 31 deadline," she said.

Each political party can nominate one candidate per office for the November General Election. If two or more candidates from the same party file for one office, the party nominee is selected at either the Primary or Runoff Primary Election.

Only voters registered in a political party can vote to select that party's nominees. Voters not registered in a party (Independents) cannot vote for party candidates in primary elections. Oklahoma has two recognized political parties in 2010: Democrat and Republican.

All registered voters, regardless of political affiliation, can vote for any candidate at the November General Election and for state or local questions at any election.

Applications to register to vote or to change political affiliation are available at the Marshall County Election Board office, County Courthouse Room 301 Madill, OK; tag agencies; post offices; public libraries; state offices providing public assistance; and at most political party and candidate offices.

Voters who register to vote by mail or make changes to their existing voter registration by mail must have the voter registration application postmarked no later than Monday, May 31. However, post offices will not be open beyond Saturday, May 29, prior to the May 31, 2010, deadline for becoming registered to vote in a political party.