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Sherman Outreach Center Offers GED Program

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SHERMAN, TX --  A local outreach center is expanding its ability to help recovering addicts acclimate into the community. Thanks to help from Workforce Texoma, program participants now have the opportunity to earn their General Educational Development or GED. Deeda Payton reports.

Four Rivers Outreach in Sherman, Texas says it isn't a hand out, it's a hand up. They believe the GED program is giving their people the confidence and skills necessary to go from working for minimum wage to a living wage.

For many addicts their problems with drugs and alcohol started early. Many of the people recovering at Four Rivers Outreach in Sherman say their addictions led them to drop out of high school. 

Now that they are clean, they say they are ready to better their skills and their job opportunities. That's why Four Rivers is offering GED programs to make their goals a reality. "I was so scared of getting my GED after quitting high school, and now that I've come in here and I've sat at this computer and I've got help from an awesome teacher at Four Rivers, I'm actually able to do this thing," said program participant, Anna Godbey.

Through grants and volunteers, Four Rivers was able to open and operate a computer lab for students. "Working on these computers has helped me a great deal," said program participant Debbie Ward.

GED program software was donated by Workforce Solutions Texoma who saw an opportunity to help members of the community that they might otherwise not be able to reach. "A lot of those who are coming out of prisons and things like that will not come to our facility so what we wanted to do is come into the community," said Terrence Steele of Workforce Solutions Texoma.

For these students, completing the GED program means more than a certificate, it's a sense of accomplishment. "I'm learning more. I'm putting stuff back in my head that I've forgotten and I like it," said program participant, Johnny Fretwell.

The programs are teaching recovering addicts to put their past behind them, and they're learning what their future holds.

If you are interested in participating in a Four River's programs in Sherman, you can call them at 903-870-4000.

Deeda Payton, KTEN News.